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At the heart of English folk
There's Method in the Magic



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Library Lecture: There's Method in the Magic

- (Doors: 7pm)

Cecil Sharp House, London

There’s method in the magic: the theory behind folk magic in medieval and early modern England

By Tabitha Stanmore

Magic in pre-modern England took many forms, but among the most common was 'practical' magic: spells and rituals which brought about useful solutions to everyday problems. This talk will explore what people commonly used magic for, and interrogte the spells themselves: why were certain words or items used? Were the rituals non-sensical, as has previously been claimed, or was there a method to folk magic which gone unrecognised? We will identify some of the theory which informed magical practice, and track how these practices evolved over generations of magic use.

Tabitha Stanmore is currently completing her PhD in History at the Universities of Bristol and Exeter. Her thesis, Love Spells and Lost Spoons: Service magic in English society, 1350-1650 is supervised by Professor Ronald Hutton and Dr Catherine Rider. Tabitha has been featured on BBC Radio London, The Folklore Podcast, and History Chat: the history podcast discussing her findings on 'everyday' magic in English culture.

Tickets - £8, purchase all four lectures in the season for £28.

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