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At the heart of English folk
A heart sinking into the sea


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Camden Fringe

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- (Doors: 7pm)

Cecil Sharp House, London

In fair Venice where we lay our scene, but unlike Verona it's not blood that's making civil hands unclean. Two and a half pairs of star crossed lovers send out an SOS for help, but when the schemes of three matchmakers collide, not everyone's ship can be saved.

Written by Shakespeare's rival George Chapman in 1611, this comedic Elizabethan masterpiece has not had a major revival in over 100 years. Adressing issues of generational conflict and social taboo in the pursuit in of romance, Chapman's work comes across as surprisingly modern showing how little we have changed in the past 400 years, and how we will never cease to laugh at our own foolishness.

Puddle Jump productions was founded in 2017 by Daniel Austin-Boyd. This will be their third production in London, and their second revival of an underperformed classic after a successful run of August Strindberg's "Pariah" at the Bridewell Theatre in March. Daniel Austin-Boyd graduated the MA Theatre Directing program at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in 2017, and has also directed several productions back in his native Canada in Montreal and Toronto.

Promoted by Daniel Austin-Boyd

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